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Three Classic UK Scrambling Routes

Updated: Jan 5

For those new to scrambling here are three classic scrambling routes in England and Wales that are achievable for most climbing parties whatever the experience level. Here are three great UK scrambling routes at grade 1 for the aspiring mountaineer. Perfect for working the mountain legs and covering some mildly technical ground but won't require a rope (for most teams on a calm sunny day).

Grades - Scrambling routes are measured between 1-3. a grade 1 scrambling is usually a ridge which is narrow to walk along and may require a small step or obstacle. This should not require ropes but could be very consequential if a fall were to happen.

Grade 2 is more committing and in some places may require a rope. This is very much down to the team and their experience.

Grade 3 is the more serious again and can require a rope for most teams. The ground is more serious and some use of protection such as climbing equipment may be needed to secure the climbing team while ascending.

1: Tryfan North Ridge (Wales)

Jumping between Adam and Eve on Tryfan in Ogwen North Wales
Adam and Eve on Tryfan North wales

2: Helvellyn- striding edge (Lake District)

Helvelyn - striding edge
Helvelyn - Striding edge

3:Blencathra - Sharp edge (Lake District)

Blencathra - sharp edge
Sharp Edge

Have fun out there and stay safe


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