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mountain training programmes



Adventure Fitness Consultants specialise in the design and delivery of comprehensive mountain training and guiding programmes, alongside the provision of physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation, for all adventure sports.

What services do we offer?

Our training plans offer the most comprehensive services available for adventure athletes. Each package is designed by our team of specialists and you can expect full support from Strength & Conditioning coach Tom Horrocks; Physiotherapist Sam Corbett and Dietitian Michaela.

Tom also offers mountain guiding services and learning to climb courses in Scotland and Wales. You can book a bespoke mountain challenge with us anytime of year throughout the UK.

Why have bespoke training programmes for adventure sports? 

Not all exercise is training. Not all training is specific enough. To be successful in your outdoor adventure challenge you need to be confident and competent in three specific areas:

  • Physical fitness

  • Technical skills expertise

  • Mental preparation

Completion of a gym-based training regime or participation in an outdoor adventure skills course will provide you with aspects of these elements but not all of them. The expertise of a Personal Trainer will not translate into the mountains and the knowledge of a Mountain Instructor will not extend into anatomy and physiology.


Adventure Fitness Consultants are qualified in all of these areas. We have the combined expertise, knowledge, and skills to provide you with a bespoke training programme which will truly develop your physical fitness, improve your technical skills, and ensure you are mentally prepared for the specific rigours of your outdoor fitness challenge.

Tom Livingstone climbing


’Throughout the last year, I’ve been training under the supervision of Adventure Fitness Consultants. I’ve found them to be extremely motivating and knowledgeable. Through regular sessions, I’ve found my fitness improving and this has translated well into my climbing.’

Tom Livingstone

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