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Adventure Fitness Consultants Mountain training



Strength & Conditioning

From £120pm

Bespoke plans guaranteed to meet your individual needs because it has been designed with you, for you and your goals

mountain climbing adventure fitness

From £42pm 

Training plans are all designed on the Training peaks app where you can access your plan using a phone or smart watch.

Each plan has been tried and tested from our team and athletes

Physiotherapy at the Boulderhut UK

From £35

We offer physiotherapy consultations at the Boulder Hut in Ellesmere Port every Wednesday evening.  We also offer video call consultations for a more flexible service.

*At Adventure Fitness Consultants we proudly use TrainingPeaks to design, build and deliver our app based training plans.

By introducing scientific tools and methods that have since become the industry standard, Training Peaks has revolutionised

the way that coaches and athletes track, analyse and plan training through the highly professional and user-friendly

platform which provides a complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. 

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