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Weight Training for Climbing

This blog has been designed for climbers with access to some weights either at home or using a gym facility.

Climbing training equipment
Using a custom climbing equipment to strengthen grip

Training for climbing is often in a climbing wall or specific grip strength equipment such as a fingerboard; However there are many benefits from including weight training into your routine. Adding some strength and conditioning to your climbing training will benefit you by.. Improving mobility ⁃ Increase strength ⁃ Conditioning: neglected muscle groups ⁃ Improving coordination and agility

Strength training
Improving shoulder strength using Dumbbells

Focus Areas: Training For Climbers Antagonistic and stabilising muscles Reverse wrist curl x10

Strengthens muscles on the back on the forearm often neglected with climbing.

Finger extension with rubber band x30

Lots of options on the market now however just a simple elastic band will do. Placing the band around your fingertips force out your fingers

Reverse arm curls x10

Improves shoulder mobility and strength. Climbing requires a lot of pulling so by doing the opposing movement we can work the antagonistic muscles groups which often get neglected and can cause injury.

Press up or bench press x8

Main Workout Inverted Row 3x10 - This can be single arm or both arms together. Raising your feet will increase the intensity while placing them on something unsteady like a ball with further increase the demand on your core.

Although a bodyweight exercise this is a great one for adding some weight to either by wearing a weight vest or holding a single Dumbell.

Inverted Row
Inverted Row

Goblet squat 3x8 - Improves mobility (range of movement) and strength.

Goblet Squat
Goblet Squat

Dumbell Snatch 6x5 - Improves explosive power. This exercise is a full body workout.

Plate flip 2x10 - improving grip and forearm strength

Rest when you need to and change repetitions and sets appropriately. Start off with 2-3 sessions per week and increase intensity when ready.


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