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Mountain Guiding 21 Best Bits

Updated: Jan 5

What a brilliant year it has been! Let’s recap some of the highlights 🙌

Anglesey is always a special place especially when most of North Wales is in torrential rain and you climb on the exposed sea cliffs in the sunshine. What a place! Here is a short video showing some of the best bits of Mountain Guiding.

Next, we had a day climbing in Ogwen Valley when everything was just perfect. Good weather, company and climbing obviously!

Over the course of the day we managed to visit three different climbing venues and seven pitches of climbing! And this is all while teaching skills along the way! We did decide to get back to the cars an hour later than planned but it was too nice to head home.

Final best bit is the trip to Isle of Skye. What makes this such an amazing trip is down to so many things. If you get it right it can be the best outing of your life. It certainly is up there for me and believe me there is some competition. If you have any doubts why this is classed as the best mountaineering challenge in the UK then see this video to understand why..


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