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Injury Prevention Exercises For Climbers

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

This Blog has been designed for the climber to help prevent injury using minimal equipment. All of the exercises will include only one adjustable dumbell.

These exercises can be included as a warm up; or during a training session. Each exercise helps strengthen supporting muscles often neglected in climbing and will increase ones robustness to the activity of climbing.

Aim to complete 8-10 repetitions and 1-2 sets. The weight should be 60-80% of your 1Rep Max.

Wrist curl

Start the wrist in a flat position and then curly the wrist towards yourself while keeping the forearm straight and knuckles facing up.

Reverse curl and press

By keeping your knuckles facing up you can concentrate the effort onto the forearm. Without the weight mirror the motion with your resting hand on your working bicep. Feel the difference in tension from having your knuckles facing up and down.

Once the weight is curled to shoulder level press above your head.

Plate or block pinch

Hold a plate or smaller plates together by pinching between fingers and thumb. The pinch grip is seldom practiced during indoor climbing and with practice will help with over all performance.

Pinch until max effort is reached. Take 1 minute rest and repeat 3-6 times.

Pronator isolation

Alternatively use a hammer. Keep your elbow steady by resting it onto your knee. Rotate your hand so that your knuckles are directed to the ground. Return back to the starting point for a full repetition.

Include these exercises 2-3 times per week in your training. Always aim for quality of exercise rather than how much weight or repetitions.

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