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Shoulder Mobility Exercises For Climbers

Updated: Mar 7

Shoulder mobility is really important when climbing and mountaineering as the movements involved are so varied. If you have good range of movement it improves the activation of your stabilizing muscles and increases the transfer of strength in the move that your are making. This will help improve your performance and reduce your chance of injury.

Mobility should be practiced every training session either by adding it into your warm up, choosing specific mobility exercises during training or adding it into your training programme.

Here are four exercises you can include in your warming up and cool down to improve your shoulder mobility.

Rotator cuff stretch

Some pictures to remind me of Lockdown during Covid-19!

Shoulder mobility test

Using a lightweight pole hold the bar wider than your shoulders using a full grip with your hand. Keeping your hands in the same position rotate your shoulders off the floor and find the end point of you mobility.

Window wipers

During this exercise try to keep your forearms on the floor as you tuck your elbows into the side and then slide your arms up until they are above your head with the aim to have them against your ears.

Sleeper stretch

As seen in the picture lie side on with your elbow on the ground and hands pointing to the sky. Using your other hand gently put pressure onto the back of your hand until your palm is facing the ground. You should then feel a small but fierce stretch deep in the shoulder muscle.

To increase your range of movement or flexibility try to do these 3 times per week. These sessions are also great for active recovery and will not only prevent injuries but will help your performance.

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