Whether you are training to trek to the summit of a 7000m peak or would like to increase your climbing grade these two plans offer a flexible and cost effective way to smash your goals with the support of the AFC team.

The Mountaineer


Every month

Perfect for those training towards mountaineering and bagging summits

Access to a premium training peaks account

worth £14pm

Access weekly AFC workouts designed to increase fitness and strength

Consultation with Tom on how to use your plan

Training sessions include endurance, home workouts and weight training

Monthly feedback and check in

Includes outdoor and indoor workouts 

Includes running, hiking & strength training

New workouts added every month

Designed for those mountaineering in the UK, alps and up to 7000m 

The Climber Athlete


Every month

Perfect for climbers wanting workouts designed to increase strength and mobility

Includes Training Peaks premium account worth £14pm

Access weekly workouts designed to increase your climbing performance

Consultation with Tom on how best to use your plan

Workouts designed for those climbing between

5b & 7c (sport)

Includes injury prevention training designed by specialist Sam Corbett

Workouts designed for home training and at a climbing wall. 

New workouts uploaded every month

Monthly feedback and check in


Your Coach
Tom Horrocks

Tom Livingstone.jpeg


’Throughout the last year, I’ve been training under the supervision of Adventure Fitness Consultants. I’ve found them to be extremely motivating and knowledgeable. Through regular sessions, I’ve found my fitness improving and this has translated well into my climbing.’

Tom Livingstone