Updated: May 15

Naturally we think finger boards, climbing walls and endurance boards for climbing workouts. However by including weights into our training we can increase our performance by making us faster and stronger which in turn will make us better climbers. This blog is for those that find themselves in a weights gym environment and need some exercises to increase specific muscle groups for climbing whether Traditional, Sport or Bouldering.

Plate Flips - A great option for forearm endurance. By throwing a plate into the air and catching it as it comes back around. It takes some time to get the timing right and gyms may be limited with the weights available. I find a 15kg plate is perfect. This can also be a really good warm up activity.

Dumbbell Snatch- This exercise stimulates power and stability; how does it transfer to climbing? Short bursts of hard activity often needed when bouldering and sport climbing when working through a crux will activate multiple muscle groups and the creatine phosphate energy system. This exercise will literally get you better at throwing weight around which is essentially what we are doing climbing; moving your mass up and around a climbing wall.

Lat pull down- Weighted pull ups - Bodyweight and weighted pull ups even with a bar will help larger back muscles activate and get stronger which are essential for climbers

Farmers walks/ Overhead carries /single arm carries- Improving forearm grip strength; core stability and upper back muscles.

Using some of the exercises above create a short but fairly challenging session. Have a think about how much rest you are going to have in between sets and reps. Also consider making it a weekly workout to maintain consistency and provide structure to your training.

Have Fun!