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Climbing Training At Home

Updated: Aug 25

This blog has been designed for the athlete training for climbing at home. I will base it on having no equipment available so if you do have access to some weights or a pull up bar add it to the session. Body weight training for climbing can be very beneficial because the majority of the time when in the mountains, it is our body we need to carry and climb with. Gymnasts who are working with their bodyweight all of the time make great climbers because gymnastics requires very similar movement and strength.

What do I mean by body strength? Many body weight exercises engage the core and trunk which are very beneficial for climbing and mountaineering. Instead of isolating one muscle group we can work many. It is also possible to improve mobility which is the range of movement you have at a joint. This helps with high steps and mantels when climbing.

Focus areas Mobility - During your warm up include exercises to engage stabilising muscle groups and injury prevention.

Scapular press up x10 Walk outs x20 Lunge with hip flexor stretch x10

Window wipers x10

For warming up try following this warm up video...

Strength Press ups x10 Squats x15 Sit ups x10 Single leg deadlift 2x10 Split squat 2x10 Plank hold 2 minutes Wall sit 2 minutes Start off completing the session 2-3 times per week and then increase the repetitions. Once familiar with the exercises you can change them out for variations. Get the basics right before you decide to move on though.

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