Adventure Athlete Training Plan

Get fit your way, by doing the activities you love!

Finally an affordable training plan for the adventure athlete. Perfect for those needing some direction and consistency to training efforts without the heavy learning. Simply follow the workouts given to improve your fitness and increase performance in the mountains.

The adventure athlete plan also has the benefits for those looking for more ownership of their training by using the training peaks premium account to track, plan and adapt workouts to set goals and aspirations. If you're not interested in all of that then simply follow the workouts or decide to pick it up later.

It is perfect for those looking to keep a base level of fitness all year round with varied workouts to stay motivated but it is also designed to be adaptable to those looking for more serious training gains but without the cost of personalised training plans.

While working with Tom Livingstone a professional climber we soon realised that a regular training plan wasn't going to work because he wanted to be out climbing as much as possible; so I adapted his plan to include recovery, mobility and strength workouts for him to use outside of his climbing to maintain fitness levels and prevent injury.

By purchasing this plan you get access to a premium Training Peaks account worth $19.95pm! Training peaks is the leading software in endurance sports and you can access huge amounts of data and workouts all from your phone.

Get access to the coach. Enjoy contact with your coach so you can get the most out of your plan.

To purchase the plan follow the link.