A bespoke combination of our other services, the Elite Training Package is guaranteed to meet your individual needs because it has been designed with you, for you and your goals. Every package we design and deliver will be different.

(For standardised plans please take a look at our Training Plans. Not sure which option is best? Let's chat!)

Our consultants have led for a number of high quality expedition providers. While in this capacity, clients often discussed that the intensity of the challenge had surpassed their expectations and that their personal planning and preparation had been insufficient for the true rigours of the expedition. Some also mentioned feeling frustrated, angry or disappointed if this prevented their summit.


All outdoor adventure fitness challenges are demanding: physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

As keen adventurers we know and understand this, we've been there ourselves, which is why at Adventure Fitness Consultants we want to increase your chance of success. Our Elite Training Package is how we do this; combining our extensive technical knowledge, substantial expedition leading expertise and comprehensive personal training skills into a bespoke training programme which enhances your physical fitness, develops your technical skills and ensures you are mentally prepared for the challenge ahead - all vital for success. 

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