This training plan has been designed for trekking peaks such as Island Peak and Lobuche in Nepal which are just over 6000 meters high. Trekking peaks such as these require clients to trek for 4-8 hours daily so a good level of fitness is necessary to recover for the following day. The programme takes you through a mixture of cardiovascular workouts and strength sessions to prepare your body for the vigours of expedition life. 

We have tried to give some ownership of your training sessions so you can decide how to complete a session whether by Bike, Swim or Running. This makes it more enjoyable because you can use your strengths and find enjoyment in your training. However the programme does require a certain amount of hiking in the hills to prepare your legs.

We recommend following a structured programme like this to keep you on track with your training. The Training peaks app allows you to follow each workout on your phone or ipad and gives you reminders for upcoming sessions. 

Every training programme has been created by Personal trainers and experienced expedition leaders. During the training you can contact a consultant at any time by using the contact form on the website.