T O M  H O R R O C K S


Tom started his career as a sportsman and coach, enjoying the challenges of both physical competition and in development of the next generation of athletes. He soon began exploring personal and professional outdoor adventure challenges: climbing, mountaineering, triathlons and water sports, but it wasn't until leading clients up Himalayan peaks in Nepal and Tibet that Tom realised his true passion was actually in combining physical fitness and training with that of outdoor adventure challenges, and that his combined expertise in both of these areas could be of great benefit to his clients and the success of their own outdoor adventure fitness challenges. READ MORE >

S A M  C O R B E T T 


Sam is a HPC registered Physiotherapist with a wide range of experience and a keen interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and high level rehabilitation. He has been working in the NHS since 2012 and has experience with the assessment and treatment of patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and rheumatological conditions, GP and surgical referrals. More recently he has been working as a hand therapist and has developed a keen interest in the rehabilitation of hand and finger injuries. READ MORE >