Nepal Expedition: Kyajo Ri and Island Peak October 2020

Argentina Expedition: Aconcagua December 2020


Each year we organise a handful of international expeditions making them extra special for our leaders and our clients. We only take on a small number of people for each expedition so that the experience is exceptional. Because our mission is to create mountain athletes we offer the best support services leading up to your expedition. So if you want that extra attention and support get in touch below.


Nepal Expedition October 2020

This year we have an exciting opportunity to join an expedition heading out to Nepal in October 2020. We only take on small teams so that clients receive the closest attention from our expedition leaders and climbing sherpa team.

There will be two teams heading out together with two objectives in mind. One will be completing the famous Island peak and the other will be attempting the hidden peak of Kyajo Ri. Both peak are just over 6000 meters and are worthy of any mountaineer beginner or experienced. Island peak is more popular and sees much more traffic throughout the climbing season. Kyajo Ri however is much more committing being away from the busy trail of Everest base camp and much less climbed.

Aconcagua Expedition December 2020

This December we are organising an expedition to conquer the infamous Aconcagua in South America. This is one of the largest trekking peaks in the world reaching a staggering 6960m. 

Details of the expeditions will be given to people interested as we hope you already have an idea of what you may be getting yourself into.  

If you have any further questions or inquiries then please get in touch below.