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 Adventure Fitness Consultants


Whether you are training to trek to the summit of a 7000m peak or would like to increase your climbing grade these two plans offer a flexible and cost-effective way to smash your goals with the support of the AFC team.



Only £12 per week

Perfect for those training towards mountaineering and bagging summits

Access to a premium training peaks account

worth £14pm

Access weekly AFC workouts designed to increase fitness and strength

Consultation with Tom on how to use your plan

Training sessions include endurance, home workouts and weight training

Monthly feedback and check in

Includes outdoor and indoor workouts 

Includes running, hiking & strength training

New workouts added every month

Optional mountain days for only £25



Only £12 per week

Perfect for ultra marathons between 50km to 100km

Includes Training Peaks premium account worth £14pm

Access daily workouts designed to increase your running performance

Receive workout feedback and support

Workouts designed for beginner to intermediate runners

Includes injury prevention training designed by specialist Sam Corbett

Workouts designed for home training, gym workouts and running

New workouts uploaded every month

*At Adventure Fitness Consultants we proudly use TrainingPeaks to design, build and deliver our app based training plans.

By introducing scientific tools and methods that have since become the industry standard, TrainingPeaks has revolutionized

the way that coaches and athletes track, analyze and plan training through the highly professional and user-friendly

platform which provides a complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. 

tom horrocks

Your Coach
Tom Horrocks



Ski Mountaineer & Climber

GOAL - Ironman 

Currently training for an Ironman Alex has been working with Tom and Sam closely to strengthen legs and alleviate some long term knee injury and then smash his goal!

alex  Adventure Fitness Consultants
  • What's included?
    Included with the plan is a premium Training peaks account where you will be able to manage and follow your training plan, log workouts, track progress and much more. The plan is completely bespoke and designed to fit around your schedule, goals and fitness level. You will have contact with your coach via Training Peaks and WhatsApp and can amend the schedule to suit your lifestyle and other activities.
  • What is remote training?
    TrainingPeaks is designed to be a virtual environment for you and your coach to work together in. Here’s how it works: your coach will schedule detailed workouts for you in your TrainingPeaks account. Once you complete your workout, you’ll upload your workout file from your device to TrainingPeaks where your coach will be able to analyze the metrics from your workout. Communication is carried out via TrainingPeaks, text, email, phone, etc.
  • Why train with us?
    Our training plans incorporate physical, mental and skill preparation as we believe it takes all three to reach success. Tom is a level 2 TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach. This means he has attained the highest level of TrainingPeaks certification. This involves completing TrainingPeaks University and demonstrating expert ability to utilize metrics in TrainingPeaks to optimize your training. He is also a qualified climbing guide and experienced expedition leader. You will also benefit from the highly experienced team which includes Sam (physiotherapist) and Michaela (dietitian)
  • Can I fit into my busy schedule?
    YES! How much time you’ll need for training is largely determined by what your goals are. Our coaches specialize in working with time-crunched athletes and busy professionals. The beauty of these memberships is they provide you with a premium training peaks account meaning you get full access to all the data and tools available to your coach.
  • How long do I need to sign up for?
    You can cancel anytime.
  • Mountain days
    If mountains days are covered in your training plan you can reserve a day with your guide with a deposit which will be refunded to you after the event. The date needs to be scheduled with your guide as not all dates can be catered for.
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